What Not To Say To Me On A First Date


I don’t really drink caffeine.

My doctor said it’s probably low testosterone.

I’m more of a cat person.

My favorite band is Coheed and Cambria.

I’m scared of air travel.

Lew Rockwell had a really good point when he said…

I’ve lived in this city for years but haven’t explored much.

I don’t ‘get’ Wes Anderson.

I’m from L.A. It’s sooo much better than Chicago.

The band is playing at this venue that doesn’t have a name so you probably haven’t heard of it, let alone been there.

I never drink whiskey. Only Malort.

I’m not a very sexual person.

I don’t know much about politics

I have a great Arnold Schwarzenegger impression. Here, let me show you…

What’s your favorite Pokemon?

I actually live in the suburbs.

You look like my sister.

I’m sort of a musician. Here’s a copy of my EP.

My favorite Mexican restaurant is Taco Bell.

Nazism was essentially about efficiency.

There’s not much point to learning a foreign language.

I believe in love at first sight.

What’s New Order?

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