Author: heyycarrieann

you’re in d.c. now and you never think about me I mean why would you

want to make small cuts

on the soft parts of the back of your knees

it’s warmer

than it was three hours ago

but the night!

is still wet

it rubs

against my cheek

my head in your neck

bike leaning against the car


no one can see

they’re explaining French politics

on the radio and I’m

thinking about fig spread that isn’t yours

spitting up pain pills

into a trash can on 1st and Oltorf

accordions for legs

my love

I know now

why things that are sweet are heavy

jesus candles

to the winter I wore tights

because I wanted to feel

your hands

on my thighs while we rode

across town

on the train looking for music

to keep us whole

looking for people

who didn’t care

or at least seemed like they didn’t

yellow streetlights

were the goal

dirty pillowcases

were the goal

a non-self was the goal

so ok yes

here’s to the winter I wore tights

because I wanted to

monstera deliciosa

how to say I’m with you


believe you

when you’re far away

and surviving

barely on hardwood floors

maybe still doing the free

crossword on the bus

but probably not

just want to let you know

I’m sorry for all the times

I said

hope all is well

exclamation point

in emails

and also it was really good

running into you at walgreens