looks good to me. this is fine. approved.

hosting angels is easy when you’re all alone



till they go off and invite you to gatherings

specifically! mentioning who will not be present

you’ve forgotten

the scourge of December in previous years

wrecking you and decorating you

with an excess of vowels you cannot spit out

wishing you could

let someone complete your sentences for you

or even!

pull words from your throat when your tongue is otherwise occupied

searching the walls for thumbtacks


and yet

I must say that heel-to-snow feels better already

gold in your glass feels better


and I think this time I’ll

listen to the deck

wolf scraps

did I summon you?

with these sounds I thought were only mine?



in the dark of my room

pinching back the present

to let ancient waters flow through

and in the morning

you arrived!

(in a small, small way)

without me knowing I wanted you

had called you

had been waiting all this time

and the crest recedes as I reach for the note

where you ask me

(as you have countless times before)

how many shades of blue I can see before 9 am

belmont avenue east

sun leaping from the planes of your face

no coat

talking at the viaduct

first warm day of the year


what did you say?

I’m drifting somewhere pull me back in

I’ve been alone so long I

forgot the sound of my own voice

black and white tile I’ve cleaned




fermenting things for no one

writing things for no one

while I think of you smiling across the table

at someone else

miles and miles from here

I go to the grocery store

for something to do

I read in a different chair

for something to do

a bad time!

but I won’t drink alone

on principle?

I want to tie sheets to the balcony while I


to the bare mattress

but it’s fucking raining again

I didn’t understand what you meant when you said

you feared the dusk