Unfortunately I have to go through the rundown on some legal nonsense because people are people. First, the site and all its content (words, pictures) are property of the author and are protected by intellectual property laws aka feel free to share/reblog/tweet/repost anything, but don’t make money on it unless you ok it with me beforehand. Second, all content on this site is my own original work and any resemblance to other written works is purely coincidental. That being said, any resemblance of people, places, etc., mentioned on this site to real people, places, etc., is most likely intentional, and I do not apologize for it. Third, user content i.e. comments are moderated by me, and I reserve the right to edit, redact, or delete anything harmful or inappropriate. I’m all for free speech, but let’s not spam, ok? Finally, any ads that appear on this site are not supported by this site, and you accept full responsibility if consequences result from clicking on said ads. Whew. Ok. That’s over with. Now go read another of my posts.

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