they were out of the blue flavor I’m sorry

open sky

heat rising

when did this get away from us?

seas immeasurable!

head west!

we spun around in circles of sage

just in case

but now it’s only this bench at

fifth and congress and

the throbbing

in my brain has become visible

to passersby

number four bus is late and

I’m thinking about how

once upon a time long long ago we were

wrapped in blankets


about k-holes on the internet


rice milk

carried myself, both wheels

upstairs to foggy purple

and slept on palo santo

never! were my dreams quieter


but growing colder

we were only there for the two dollar wells

I guess

Vanessa Carlton is playing next door?

you were unhappy

and I

was trying to be happy for both of us

it wasn’t working

things were


and Shen Yun is coming to town again

right on schedule

we were best right upon

waking before egos descended

I remember

psychedelics on lakesides

so so far away


brand name packing tape

just trying to

return a fucking package but

I bet

the storm still wakes you and

your feet

on the carpet echo

always, always dirt

and broken pottery

to cut your heels on


the statue did have a curse

when you brought it home

from the thrift store


capital letters

where taste buds once were

purple slime

on the pavement

if you’ve ever wanted to know

what a broken lava lamp looks like

because of me!

failing again

to know what I need

to know what you need

tracking numbers

taste like rotten echeveria

your books

will be there by Friday