monstera deliciosa

how to say I’m with you


believe you

when you’re far away

and surviving

barely on hardwood floors

maybe still doing the free

crossword on the bus

but probably not

just want to let you know

I’m sorry for all the times

I said

hope all is well

exclamation point

in emails

and also it was really good

running into you at walgreens

year long one night stand

I needed

strawberries in the winter

prisms of sun on the mattress

after you left

me in your space hungover

craving greens

blinds dirty and broken

you hung

a tapestry instead

hard wind riding down Division

hard wind turning left

we used to ball our fists

inside our gloves, remember?

but none survived

none survived

veggie thali is $4.99

wood panels and hanging

lights like hoses I once

thought of




for some fog or at least

wet stone

houses up the hillside

all contain

innards in jars aching quietly falling


on the steps of a warehouse

in the red light


far from blood

or tree bark

wrap me up in sheets I don’t care

if you washed them