brand name packing tape

just trying to

return a fucking package but

I bet

the storm still wakes you and

your feet

on the carpet echo

always, always dirt

and broken pottery

to cut your heels on


the statue did have a curse

when you brought it home

from the thrift store


capital letters

where taste buds once were

purple slime

on the pavement

if you’ve ever wanted to know

what a broken lava lamp looks like

because of me!

failing again

to know what I need

to know what you need

tracking numbers

taste like rotten echeveria

your books

will be there by Friday


breaking up on a v-tech phone

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset


breaking up on a v-tech phone

turquoise angry words there’s

a hole

in the wall where

it happened to land

no matter if

they hear it downstairs


is the end surely

surely this

is it

for me forever I’ll

just move to Florida and

hang seashells in the bathroom

flash fiction or w/e


The open road was the second mistake, but it took a while to get there. First came the boxes: cardboard, made for packing and impermanence. You hated for things to be thrown away, and you hated the boxes, but you kept quiet until the yard sale when the girl with the red backpack came and bought my lamp. You went inside to make coffee but there was no coffee maker anymore and I walked in just as the ceramic hit the floor. It was the loudest thing.

The first mistake had to have been the wooden floors. The creaking was so insistent! More than the dark knots and the smell of dust and yellow light in the hall. It all got to my skin before you did, before you took my hand and we danced in the living room while the seasons changed. I never knew what home was. I only wanted to look at the maps.

Inevitably the floors and the lights and the boxes all led to the open road, the one you insisted you would accompany me down, at least until we hit the coast. Through the city we were alright. Across the plains we were alright. Up the mountains (and down the other side) we were alright, but when we hit the water we started to sink, possibly because there weren’t any floors out here. Howdid we not see this coming! Why weren’t we prepared!

It was not until we got out of the car that we realized The Wanting was terrible and The Leaving was worse. It was not until then that we realized that the colors of the maps were not true and you’d have to go back the way we came and I’d have to stay here. But it was never anyone’s fault.