Things I Am Good At That I Can’t Make A Career Out Of

espresso in paris

1. Leaving the house in exactly the number of minutes it takes me to catch the train

2. Drinking wine

3. Drinking tea

4. Drinking coffee

5. I guess just drinking

6. Avoiding people I don’t like

7. Avoiding people I do like

8. Eating with chopsticks

9. Mornings

10. My birthday

11. The physical part of relationships

12. Being the only non-brown person in an Indian restaurant

13. Walking forever down rural roads

14. Saying F. Scott Fitzgerald is relevant and meaning it

15. Saying “I really like you, too” and not meaning it

16. Thinking I am invincible on my bike

17. Cleaning my kitchen

18. Not answering my phone

19. Cutting my own hair

20. Wanting things

21. Taking things

22. General mischief

23. Change

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