fuck vapor wave kids


dopamine crawling

down my spine

the sky is nothing

this drive is nothing

here is an empty convention center

with microorganisms painted on the carpet

space to move

I hate it so much when you die

so stop dying

rusting beams and

a sunrise to match

golden golden golden gold

let your hair grow

this is the tropics for crissakes

not partying in barcelona

Boardwalk in Barcelona

nothing like an unfamiliar sea

not yet

teeming with ghosts

the sun

on my skin is just that

a drink

on the shore is just that


there you are in the wild drums another


or two

I’ll wake up late and go to museums

on a hill


honeyed shadows are stronger than

idle keystrokes

tell me

what’s the time difference again?

spring break

Louisville snacks


it was the year people

started saying ‘turnt and

what a year it was !


looking for a refrain

or even

a goddamn eraser that worked

get out of town

Spring Break

cherry blossoms maybe

Bourbon County

big hats

girls with names like Amelia lolling

on riverboats in

a city whose name I can’t pronounce

even in my own tongue is this

Spring Break ?

long road walk the whole way

ice cream if it’s warm

bowl of chili if it’s not we

leave tomorrow and

our friends will return to their lives

selling half price books and

being in love what humidity !

did you

see that water beetle just now ?

pack up the car

put something nice on the radio

you choose he says

‘not trying to get turnt’

Spring Break