looks good to me. this is fine. approved.

hosting angels is easy when you’re all alone



till they go off and invite you to gatherings

specifically! mentioning who will not be present

you’ve forgotten

the scourge of December in previous years

wrecking you and decorating you

with an excess of vowels you cannot spit out

wishing you could

let someone complete your sentences for you

or even!

pull words from your throat when your tongue is otherwise occupied

searching the walls for thumbtacks


and yet

I must say that heel-to-snow feels better already

gold in your glass feels better


and I think this time I’ll

listen to the deck

year long one night stand

I needed

strawberries in the winter

prisms of sun on the mattress

after you left

me in your space hungover

craving greens

blinds dirty and broken

you hung

a tapestry instead

hard wind riding down Division

hard wind turning left

we used to ball our fists

inside our gloves, remember?

but none survived

none survived

everyone hates your new stupid girlfriend

cafe tables st michel

wires to hold us together we
shook before bottles and silent screens
coffee with milk so it won’t keep you up
time when you talk so you won’t fuck it up

raw, fierce, it clings
wind you never wanted
rain you didn’t ask for in
a city of lights with
a book with black pages
to write hate mail to oceans all winter

now kicking spring it’s
May and I’m back but
we don’t look like we did before:
new legs new teeth same height at least
I’m talking
to people at parties and they all hate your new stupid girlfriend